Online Church

What is Online Church?

Online Church is a ministry of Harvester Church of the Nazarene. It is an interactive church service, fully online. Our mission is to create space for those looking for a church community online. 

What should I expect if I attend Online Church?

For five minutes before service begins, a few slides will scroll that provide additional opportunities to connect with Harvester Church of the Nazarene. The Online Church platform includes a live chat that allows you to interact with anyone attending the service, including our moderators, who are identified by a “host” tag. The service will begin with a song from our worship service followed by a welcome from our Online Church team. Then, service resumes with a sermon, closing song, and benediction. After the worship service, our team will share their insights from the service and invite you to Talkback, which takes place for 15 minutes after the service. Talkback is an opportunity for you and others in attendance to ask questions and discuss the sermon with our host team.

Why should I attend Online Church?

We understand there are various circumstances that may prevent someone from attending an in-person service, so we aim to provide interactive space that is one step up from re-watching a recorded livestream. This tool exists for people to connect to each other in a community that explores who God is and what He’s done for us. Connection and community are two major parts of any church experience, and Online Church provides a way for people to experience that.

When is Online Church?

Services are on Thursday evenings at 8:00pm (Central Time).